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marketing consultingAnticipating ever-changing demands in the marketplace has never been more critical, especially when the competition is only a mouse-click away. To make data-driven management decisions, it is essential to fully understand the market, prospects and customers. The best companies have objectives for differentiated products and services that reflect the realities of specific customer needs and the market in which the company is competing.

DataKey Difference: Expertly transforms market data into marketplace opportunity, increasing revenues by delivering what the customer values.

Customer Insight Edge TM - focused qualitative and quantitative techniques are used to ensure the "pure market voice" is preserved without bias. Results are compiled and matched with recommendations for action that inspire market-focused strategies.

Market Smart TM - in-depth capture of market needs, customer sentiment, product requirements, and more by transforming primary and secondary research data into actionable information based on a unique combination of experience and creativity. 

Contact the business growth consulting experts at DataKey to uncover new market opportunities that facilitate revenue growth.


  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Survey Design & Analysis
  • Voice of the Market Capture
  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Environmental Scans (E-Scan)
  • Focus Groups
  • Social Media Design & Analysis


Mid-market Client:

A major CPG company was relying heavily on its Field Sales for qualitative information to forecast unit sales. Significant error levels created havoc in the supply chain and for inventory management. DataKey compiled extensive market-drivers and implemented marketing-mix analytics which saved $200,000 committed to a marketing-mix research study.

Can we hire the analyst from DataKey as a full-time employee? This work is extraordinary!

- Chief Operating Officer

Fortune 1000 Client:

Fortune 500 tradeshow management and publishing firm needed comprehensive industry research. Datakey profiled 15 industries with a designed custom 10-dimension industry profile including growth, trends, legislation, and macro & micro analysis. Findings were the catalyst for key actions and solutions to increase sales revenues.

The work completed by DataKey is exactly what we wanted. Extremely high quality. We are very pleased. Our Industry Vice Presidents responded with, ‘WOW, this is superb!

- Director, Strategic Analysis

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