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Our passion is to partner with our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Fortune 1000: Have you worked with consultants before? We are NOT consultants who take your ideas and repackage them in endless un-editable documents, never sharing the know-how. DataKey loves to jump in with your team to implement new ideas, drive results and ensure your success!

DataKey is refreshingly different.

  • Clients work directly with DataKey partners.
  • We focus on implementation and are accountable for recommendations.
  • We give you the tools to ensure lasting, self-sustainable advancement for your company.
  • Clients trust DataKey for unbiased input, advancement and realistic change. 

 See what Fortune 1000 companies are saying about DataKey.

Mid-Market:  Congratulations, you have succeeded in growing your company, maybe even from the day the doors opened! You want to keep growing but your financials are not moving. You need to find time to work on creating the future, but you are completely absorbed in the current state of your company and industry.

Let DataKey help you achieve your financial and business objectives.

  • DataKey will bring knowledge, experience and best practices to your door and translate them into practical and straightforward techniques. 
  • Mid-Market clients have increased revenue as much as 25% in one quarter.
  • Clients have improved market focus, reduced sales cycles focusing on VIPs, and advanced operations using business process improvement methods.
  • Broad industry expertise and involvement expanding our view of possible solutions to create sustainable results for your company.

See what Mid-Market companies are saying about DataKey.

Not sure where to start? DataKey Business Analyzer can show you where to focus your energies to improve your business. Request a free customized assessment today.



A fast-paced, competitive environment places unprecedented demands on your business. Read articles that shares key tips for managing your business.

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DataKey Business Analyzer can show you where to focus your energies and improve your business. Request a unique and customized assessment today.

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