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Do you have clear, written goals for this year, and for the next three to five years? Companies have difficulty fully realizing their vision without concrete planning. Planning is difficult in the face of strong competition, declining market share, shrinking profit margins. Mid-market companies need to find lucrative new market opportunities, to improve profitability, and to efficiently grow their business. DataKey has helped dozen of mid-market companies define their unique place in the market and capture the value. 

DataKey Difference: Strategy is directly connected to tactical planning to ensure company vision, strategic objectives and business goals will be thoroughly defined, aligned and integrated.

Strategy Accelerator TM- In 30 days, DataKey helps the company understand the strategic challenge, competitive advantage, and markets served. During a strategy workshop, the company leadership team will develop annual goals to begin pursuing the strategy right away.

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Strategy Execution Link TM - DataKey introduces a systematic approach to link strategic objectives with measurable, tactical execution to achieve the annual goals. To improve execution and achievement, a methodical approach is used to prioritize company business objectives and build consensus within the organization.

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Trend Advantage TM - A repeatable, reliable process to assess mega trends that are just starting to build today and designing actions so that your company can profit over the long term.

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Contact the strategy consulting experts at DataKey to create business goals that are logically translated into sequenced, detailed implementation plans.


  • Vision / Mission Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Goal Development
  • Business Unit Strategy and Planning
  • Goal Execution
  • Strategic Project Prioritization
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Business Plan Development
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product and Service Roadmap
  • Organizational Design


Mid-market Client:

A healthcare company lacked formal processes to convert energetic growth and go-to-market ideas into a coherent strategic plan. DataKey formulated the strategic plan around key components for success. The management team clarified the company vision and built consensus on the go-forward plan.

Thank you, DataKey. As an outside resource, you enabled our management team to openly address different opinions on strategy and skillfully weave them into an actionable plan.

- Chief Operating Officer

Fortune 1000 Client:

A Fortune 500 financial services company needed a growth strategy. DataKey collaborated with Executive Managementto complete a two-day strategic planning workshop with the Board of Directors. DataKey guided the Executive Team to develop a detailed implementation plan which forged consensus and fortified the Board’s confidence.

DataKey professionally facilitated our strategic planning process and translated to a clear go-forward plan. We couldn’t have done it so quickly, concisely, and professionally without DataKey.”

- Chief Executive Officer

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Selling Your Company

Lyons Solutions is a Merger & Acquisitions firm that partners with DataKey Consulting to advise those owners of privately held mid-market companies with revenues of $5 million to $100 million wishing to sell all or part of their company or to expand their company through a merger or acquisition.

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